As per International standard, the size of a badminton court is 15.24 mts x 7.62 mts

The surfaces available for a badminton court are:

Synflex Sports Flooring

Mondo Indoor Flooring

Synflex sports flooring is available in both wood and solid colors. It is available from 4.5 mm thickness to 8 mm thickness.


100% Vinyl wear layer- superior durability. Easy Maintenance- UV coating provides excellent resistance to dirt build up while providing a durable surface that’s easy to maintain. Reinforced woven fiberglass inner layer- Excellent dimensionally stability.


  • Shock absorption: Safe for all sports court.
  • Sliding properties: Optimal slip coefficient provides safe playing surface.
  • Vertical deformation: Excellent power return enables athletes to increase their own court performance. Superior vertical stability eliminates “area indentation”.
Mondo indoor flooring is a unique, factory engineered high performance system which uses two primary components – Acrylic Coating System (ACS) & Shock Absorption Layer (SAL). Combined, the two components provide consistent and true ball bounce for the life of the surface. The surface is available from 3mm thickness to 11mm thickness in different color options.

The surface can be used for indoor or outdoor facilities, permanent or temporary installation, competitive or recreational play.

Comfort & Safety

  • Excellent grip and traction in all weather conditions
  • Pre manufactured shock absorption layer provides for optimum level of player comfort
  • Biomechanically engineered to reduce player fatigue and injury


  • ACS composition tuned for true bounce & ball response
  • ITF Rated
  • Custom speed variations from fast to slow
  • Pre-manufactured rubber shock absorption layer provides for maximum consistency
  • Responsiveness to all styles of play
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for multiport usage


  • Long-lasting surface
  • Suitable for both concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to convert from a variety of existing surfaces including clay, indoor carpet, & acrylic hard courts
  • Outstanding for renovation projects